Company Profile

Over a period spanning some 15 years, Steel-Tech has focused its activities on supplying expert personnel to the mining, mineral processing, heavy engineering and associated Project activities; with a specific focus on the professional contract management, risk and claim minimisation, with particular emphasis on the following:

Contract Management

Management of Design Engineering

Construction Management, which includes the following attributes;

  1. Cost control and Preparation of Project Budgets
  2. Bid Preparation
  3. Programming
  4. Provision of personnel for management services in the fields of project management
  5. Performance of Construction activities
    1. General contracting and supply
    2. Installation and maintenance of large specialty equipment
    3. Liaison with various government groups, preparation and submission of preConstruction documentation to facilitate government and Statutory authority approvals

Steel-Tech has a high level understanding of Contracts, Contract Conditions and the associated legal interpretation of Contracts. Over the years we have worked with our clients and their legal representatives to resolve legal issues so as to optimize our client’s position with a view to either mitigate or limit the client’s costs and liability.

Steel-Tech personnel have a strong and sound Construction background which allows us to gain a clear understanding of our client’s position in terms of risk and legal exposure to potential liability. Steel-Tech works with our clients to mutually agree a Strategy to either avert or manage risk. This in turn allows Steel-Tech and our clients to address and therefore resolve contractual or supply issues in the most efficient manner.

Steel-Tech philosophy is to avoid having to resolve contractual issues by being involved with the client as their project team from the outset, where we provide our selected clients a Construction Management service.